Approaches and Technologies on Sustainable Land Management

Farmer to farmer exchange on cassava intercropping with peanuts to improve soil fertility in Taouy district of Saravan province

The Sustainable Land Management practices by smallholder farmers project implemented by NAFRI in collaboration with Attapue Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office and Xanxay District Agriculture and Forestry Office (DAFO) organized farmer to farmer exchange on 4th October 2019. The farmer to farmer exchange was chaired and leaded by head of Xanxay DAFO. The exchange was invited 21 participants (6 women) from many different six villages nearby and extension workers. The aims of farmer to farmer exchange is to share the good SLM practices by pilot household participated in growing grass for sustainable livestock management demonstration. In order to scaling up SLM practices to other neighbor villages who faced similar land degradation problem. The exchange was organized into two activities as the first part is presentation the advantages and disadvantages of demonstration and the second part is practices activity. The preliminary results from farmer to farmer exchange is enhance the understanding and skills of participants. At least, the participants learned how to manage their livestock. However, the participants concern the issue is high cost of investment for smallholder farmers in particular for the fence, grass seeding and springer system.