Approaches and Technologies on Sustainable Land Management


The Global Database on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) of WOCAT (the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies) provides free access to the documentation of field-tested SLM data including SLM practices and maps from different places in the world and offers practitioners the opportunity to share their own SLM practice or map.

Project aims

  • Improve the resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change shocks
  • Build capacities of agricultural extension services to identify and document climate-resilient SLM practices
  • Build up a national SLM database
  • Support smallholder farmers in adopting climate-resilient SLM practices
  • Improve policy and incentive frameworks for scaling-up SLM

The overall goal of the project is to enhance the resilience of communities and their smallholder farmers to climate change shocks as well as pressures exerted by population growth, rapid urbanization, and economic expansion.