Approaches and Technologies on Sustainable Land Management

Established the National Expert Group Discussion Meeting On 4th August 2017, NAFRI meeting room

The National Expert Group Discussion Meeting On 4th August 2017, NAFRI meeting room

There is a total of 13 participants attend the established of national expert group discussion meeting on 4th August 2017 at NAFRI meeting room. There are eight participants from selected national expert group member from NAFRI, Department of Agriculture Land Management, Department of Agriculture Extension and Cooperative and one representative from UNCCD focal point (UNCCD focal point is not available to attend the meeting). The meeting chair by Dr. Bounthong Bouahom , Director General of NAFRI. He brief the overview of NAFRI roles in this project to the participants as NAFRI roles and mandates is to review what has been done for SLM practices from other organizations  that no standard tools.

The DG of NAFRI remarked there are many times discussion for good SLM practices by projects interventions and smallholders farmers. The problem is how to scaling up of these good SLM practices are challenging. However, he shared the worked has been done from SIDA (Lao-Swedish Upland Agriculture and Forestry Research Program) and implemented by NAFRI collaborated with NOUL and DAEC. He suggested to have a look for the workshop information booklet on “Poverty Reduction and Shifting Cultivation Stabilization in Upland of Lao PDR: Technologies, Approaches and Methods for Improving Upland Livelihoods” as there are 68 technologies and some approaches bring together the range of technical knowledge and experiences that have been gained both within the NAFRI and in other projects and programs working in upland areas. This booklet might interest for the project to review and see if it is interesting to document it and scaling up.