Approaches and Technologies on Sustainable Land Management

Validate the SLM technologies and approaches of smallholder farmers complied by NAFRI Meeting Minute Report On 17th November 2017, NAFRI meeting room

There are total 14 participants (the list of participants in the annex1) attended the meeting. The meeting hold on 4th August 2017 at NAFRI meeting room. The meeting chair by Dr. Bounthong Bouahom is Director General of NAFRI. The chair was introduced the purposed of the meeting was to validated all the SLM documentations in Laos and some documentations in English that has been completed for data entry into WOCAT database and some documentations is translating. Unfortunately, the SLM approaches was not completed to present during this meeting. However, the chair understood that the compliers and team worked hard for finalized documentations in Lao language and they received the feedback from reviwers for the final checked. However, in this meeting is very much appreciate to receive feedback and commend from all of participants. More discussion for the potential for scaling up SLM technologies.

The first presentation by Bounthanom Bouhaom that present the overview of WOCAT then follow by the questionnaires on SLM technology and approches database. Present the difinition of SLM technologies and approaches and structure of AT and QA and methodology for data collection process in the field work and how to docuement the SLM technologies.

After that Phonesiri Phanvongsa was presented detaild of two differnet case of SLM technologies that we documentations among 20 documentations (1) creating wet land for water logging by local land users (2) growing the broom grase to prevent soil erosion.

In regard to the limited number of particpants, the chair and participants were agreed to discussed together for all technologies rather than make a separate group discussion.